Just when things couldn’t get any better, San Antonio, TX home inspection company, Lone Star State Inspection Service introduces manufactured home inspection service – a home inspection for buyers and sellers of manufactured homes.

A home inspection should always be part of the home buying process and is an absolute necessity for both buyer and seller. As a buyer, it is an investment that can save you hundreds of dollars. As a seller, having repairs done prior to the listing of the property can help it sell faster at a possibly higher price.

Lone Star State Inspection Service, from San Antonio has been perfecting the art of home inspection since 2000.  While the real estate industry continues to thrive and develop, this San Antonio home inspection firm has committed itself to new standards and more advanced technology in pursuit of providing the best home inspection solutions.

This San Antonio home inspection company has been providing excellent services in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. Lone Star State Inspection Service. also serves in Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Auburn, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Rio Linda, Citrus Heights, Lincoln, Penryn, Newcastle, and surrounding areas for 19 years now and are definitely not stopping.

Manufactured or Mobile homes have been gaining popularity in the last few years and have since evolved in construction, efficiency, and design that are far more promising than that of yesterday. Lone Star State Inspection Service knows just how mobile homes are paving their way to San Antonio, thus the emergence of their mobile home inspection service.

While one may seem to think purchasing a mobile home is as easy as ticking it off your list, you might want to think again. A real estate transaction is admittedly tedious and that doesn’t mean purchasing a mobile home is not one. Manufactured or mobile homes are built differently than a typical site-built residential home. This may also create unique issues that a typical homeowner would not recognize. As with any property, the last thing you would want is to move into a home unaware of existing or potential problems.

Lone Star’s mobile home inspection in San Antonio spends 3 to 4 hours of an extensive and thorough inspection of the home, from the roof to ground. Specific areas are meticulously inspected especially those that are differently installed such as roofs, plumbing, septic system, electricity, heating, cooling, and flooring.

Competent and licensed Lone Star’s mobile home inspectors to know just where to pinpoint the unique issues in these factory-built homes. This allows them to scrutinize present and future issues that may be unsafe, costly, can lower the value of the home, or worse, beyond repair.

Following the inspection, the Lone Star State Inspection Service team then delivers a complete and detailed electronic, full-color narrative report. The prospective buyer will then have confirmation on both photos and written forms to guide them to a more informed buying decision.

Protect yourself from fake inspectors who may be cheaper at the moment but are expensive with the number of things that need fixing right after moving in. Stay away from this horror.

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